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The Lawyer’s Daughter

This page is intended to be a meta-sort of the story that is my life. This won’t include news updates or other side stories, this is a pseudo-biography (dude, what even is that!?). While I will continue to write things out-of-order, I will try to put them in-order here. The only caveat is I need time to both move forward – from the day of the arrest – and backward – to fill-in the gaps, so let’s do that. The top section is basically contemporary, from the arrest forward. The bottom section is ordered based on when it happened in real-time. 

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Right Now: The Arrest and Afterward

Spring 2018

Summer 2018

Fall/Winter 2018



Back Then: Before the Arrest (childhood, adulthood, unsolvedhood)

Growing Up (before 1980)

March 1980