True Crime Preliminary Research Results | Infographic!

[UPDATE: I have fixed the Infographic – now all ages are there and I added an explainer to the impact question.]

Okay you wonderful people. I am thrilled to tell you about my research! Over 600 people took my survey and the results are compelling. I’ve created an infographic of the basic findings. I do not have my analysis done because it’s a lot of data! I want to do more with the data, but you guys have been asking about this and it’s time to share something!

I’m telling you, women have your back!

You’ll quickly see that adult, white women is the primary audience. I don’t think this would surprise anyone over at MyFavMurder – the Murderinos are indicative of this demographic. And we know I love me some Murderinos. Karen and Georgia are the humorous overlords of these wonderful women and they blend true crime with wit and snark. I mean how is that not delicious.

I heard from almost all the states. 20% of the respondents were from outside the US. Within the US, California had 16% of the respondents and then it dropped to about 4% for Texas, Florida and Pennsylvania.

Crime has touched many of us; but that’s not necessary to care.

More than 75% of respondents have been physically and emotionally harmed. For the 36% of you that haven’t been harmed, please don’t feel left out. That’s actually how life is supposed to work. When I get a chance to compare groups of people to answers, I think we’ll learn more about this. I will also be going through the qualitative answers and publishing a longer report in the coming weeks. I need a little time to crunch the numbers.

If you like true crime, get involved. Here’s how.

I have lots of hypotheses about these answers and I know I’m going to need to do a follow-up. But let’s start with this amazing information: true crime folks are engaged. They watch shows, read books and blogs, subscribe to podcasts and participate in online groups. Some are even helping with crowd-sourced crime solving. That was asked about often in the open questions. I know Billy Jensen was doing something on this. I’ll see if I can get more info from him about what’s going on. I think the Murder Squad podcast with Jensen and Holes is also doing that.

If you have questions, leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you. Or ping me on Twitter (it’s where many of the truecrime junkies hang out).

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