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Hand dropping blood into a vial for a DNA test.

Is DNA the Next Social Media-Like Juggernaut Destined to Fill Us with Regret?

As technology pushes DNA to extremes, unintended consequences are inevitable.

May 13, 2021

I’m a Silicon Valley marketer, and social media was the promise of something great: a way to establish “relationships” with our customers. And it was free! Imagine my clients and their dream of cheap marketing. Guy Kawasaki was a social media monster, writing The Art of Social Media in 2014 and setting insane expectations for the marketing people who had to clean up after his enthusiasm.

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The Power of Using Upfront Agreements to Improve Personal Relationships

As we strive to navigate power inequities, an upfront agreement can level the playing field.

April 9, 2021

Many of us are doing our best to raise our social consciousness and be considerate of one another as our culture finds its way to a new normal. On almost every important subject, we’re working to create space for differences of opinion and finding a new middle ground (or not). Thanks to the pandemic, we’re doing much of this online or within our little bubbles, and we face communication constraints that have made navigating our differences even more difficult. 

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My team at Bromium celebrating the end of another successful RSA event.

After Watching The Social Dilemma, I Wonder: Can We Commoditize Trust?

In cyber, nothing is trusted. That’s the assumption: all things are bad until they aren’t.

April 9, 2021

I’ve worked in cybersecurity for years. I am the marketing person who turns an engineer’s wild ideas into plain English so ordinary people can understand what they are doing and why they’re doing it. While it can be hopelessly dull, cybersecurity is vital. And working to keep democracy safe — at least that’s how I decided to see it — was a mission I could get behind.

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Reason TV Tackles DNA

This 30-minute documentary was shot, written, produced, and edited by Paul Detrick, who interviewed me before the pandemic. He’s done a remarkable job explaining the role of DNA and how our “DNA-guilty” case broke the rules as the desire to get a conviction was balanced against our fourth amendment rights.

This is absolutely worth watching.

Also, my deepest thank you to Paige St. John for breaking the story.