Nice to meet you.

I am a trained life coach.

Specializing in trauma survivors and leaders, I am here to help you succeed. If this sounds like a strange combination, you might be surprised to learn the skills required for both are amazingly similar. Both require self-awareness, an understanding of how to relate to those around you, and a commitment to finding life satisfaction based on your available tools.

I use an assessment called an ELI – Energy Leadership Index – developed by IPEC, and it is truly amazing. You complete the assessment, and then I take you through what it reveals about your patterns and problem-solving approaches, including a life satisfaction rating. Every time I do this, my client is fascinated to learn coping mechanisms they’ve used over a lifetime are often responsible for holding them back in ways they didn’t expect.

I am a communicator.

I’ve worked in Silicon Valley for years. I’m a marketing exec who loves strategic marketing and content. Tell me your business objectives and your business model, and I can develop a plan. I’m good at shortening the sales cycle, building a brand, and taking complex ideas and making them accessible.

I am a true crime survivor.

My father and stepmother were murdered in 1980 in Ventura, California. It took 20 years to find out a serial killer murdered them. It took 20 more to find and convict him. You may know him as the Golden State Killer. In my podcast, The Lawyer’s Daughter, I share my experience from inside the case (and courtroom. I am still recovering from the impact his arrest and trial had on my life.

I am a hooker (I crochet)!

It’s my yarn-based Xanax that has kept me calm and busy my whole life. I accelerated during the pandemic, and my creations are myriad. It’s fun, messy, tactile, and addictive. I can be coaxed into doing a piece on commission.

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