In the News | 1981 Prelim of Joe Alsip Links & Images

When Joe Alsip was arrested for the murder of Lyman and Charlene Smith, we finally learned about new aspects of the case – evidence, what had happened to them – and yet, many details still remained a mystery. It’s only with the connection to Joseph DeAngelo that we know more about what happened in the house that night and early morning. 

The Lawyer’s Daughter podcast describes what happened in this arc of what is such a bigger story, yet it’s fascinating. There are lots of loose threads I’ll continue to try and tie-up, but here, I share the images that support the podcast. Thank you for listening and subscribing

Lyman and Charlene Smith Ventura 1980

The Missionary Church Becomes Part of the Case

From the serving of subpoenas to the missing notes and mysterious location, to the Pastor’s assertion that Satan was somehow behind all of this, the prosecution and defense were busy trying to find the truth.

Ventura Missionary Church 1982
Rev Mikel Holds Key
Mikel takes the stand
Alsip testifies

Rev Don Mikel Notes

I’ll add more but here are the two photos of the Rev. Don Mikel’s notes (right click and open image in new tab to zoom in). Also, if you look at the Missionary Church history page, you’ll see there’s no reference to this man. Interesting and sad.

Rev Don Mikel notes, Ventura 1981
Rev Don Mikel notes, Ventura 1981

Joe Alsip is Set Free

At the time, many thought he was still guilty, so you can imagine how well this photograph of him celebrating irritated 90% of law enforcement in Ventura County. Maybe not his smartest move yet understandable since we all now know he wasn’t guilty. That said, what a damn nightmare.