It’s Time to Let Go – Full Moon Renewal Ceremony

The full moon in July is referred to as the “Full Buck Moon” because this is the time of year buck’s antlers are in full growth mode. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the July full moon is also sometimes called the Thunder Moon, Hay Moon, or Wort Moon.

July 7th UPDATE: The ceremony was great! Thank you to those of you who joined me live. There are a few photos below and the video and podcast if you’re interested. I have not paid a lot of attention to my spiritual side lately, and this is just what I needed. 



On Monday, July 6, at 8pm PT (and you can do this from wherever you are), we will gather at the Guy West Bridge over the American River on the Sac State side, to release the negative energy Joseph DeAngelo released on all of us. This is for anyone who’d like to participate. And yes, technically it won’t be the exact full moon, but I think the Universe will understand.

The full moon is a time for renewal

Tammie Fairchild, founder and CEO of Serenity Spa in Roseville, will get us started. She’s put together a lunar renewal ceremony that she’ll deliver via Zoom. This allows anyone, anywhere to join us. You’ll need to register to participate. Do that, then download the Zoom app to your phone and bring your phone with you (if you’re attending in person, everyone else, computers are fine).

Then, based on a Jewish Tashlich ritual, we’ll release bread (or flowers – must be organic and environmentally friendly) onto the moving water below. This symbolizes the negativity being taken away, and for me, the release of my dad and Charlene’s pain so they can move on.

This is our chance to come together in light. To move past this moment in our shared history and set intentions to make the world a better place. I look forward to having you join us.

Remote attendees: just register for the Zoom and we’ll see you then.

If You’re coming, How it will work

  1. We will start at 8pm.
  2. The moon rises a little late so bring a flashlight if you need visual assistance.
  3. We can park at Sac State in the parking lot (not the structure and absolutely not on the road – that’s fire access). See image below for clarity.
  4. Follow the balloons to the bridge. It’s not that far and I think it’s a pretty flat walk until you get to the bridge.
  5. If you want to participate in the Zoom, register and then bring your phone. You’ll need the Zoom app so download it. Then you’ll just tap the link in the email confirmation, and you’ll be connected.
  6. Bring old bread or flowers if you’d like to release anything onto the water.
  7. Wear a mask, prepare to socially distance. I don’t want one darn person getting sick from this.
  8. This is a life-positive, community get-together. My goal is to be done by 9pm and I’d like to leave the place looking better than when we arrived (you know what I mean).
  9. If there are any night photographers planning to come, bring your camera. Would prefer no flash photography.
  10. If there’s anyone who can lead a song, we might all know, your leadership would be cool.

If you knew my dad and my stepmom, you know this is exactly the kind of event they might have held and certainly would have attended. They believed in the power of community, coming together and shared intention. My dad knew how to move people and Charlene knew how to make them feel at ease. Throughout this process, I have received tremendous support from so many. For that, I am deeply appreciative.

This is our chance, to come together, share our common experience and move forward together. See you Monday night.

Here are a few photos from the evening

Guy West Bridge at Sac State. Mini Golden Gate!
Just a few of us, but it was perfect.
My poor kid was the videographer. She’s so durable.
The view up-river, a turtle kept us entertained.
The view down-river. Two geese floated past for effect.
Gratuitous puppy shot. I mean PUPPY!