Preparing to Attend Tomorrow’s Golden State Killer Hearing

Charlie’s Cafe is where the Golden State Killer liked to eat. Good on them for putting up with the lousy patron. Leave an extra few bucks for the staff – they dodged a bullet. PS: Sac County jail, he apparently LOVES cheese.

When I have a hard time writing, I know it’s usually because my feelings aren’t clear. I’ve been trying to write this about three hours now, but my thoughts are all over the place. I will say Sacramento provided a glorious Mothers’ Day; nice sunny day, warm (not hot) and folks have been in a happy mood. I went to the Zoo and watched all the families (animal and human) enjoy the morning.

I decided to come up for tomorrow’s hearing. It won’t last long. Maybe just a few minutes. But I wanted to see him: face to face. I figured I could use a few days away to think, write, sleep and be up-and-at-em first thing tomorrow morning. I arrived here in great spirits – it’s only as the time has gotten nearer that I’ve felt the heaviness come over me.

Friday Night
Friday before the hearing.
Look at all that happiness!

Friday night was awesome! I grabbed this off Twitter so I hope @BillHarticon won’t mind. Bill and Kim have been following the case while chasing these adorable twins (and some more kids at home). I had the best time learning from Bill about different aspects of the case – including the community. He knows who knows what about all things and the best sources of solid, reliable information (from whom I call the GSK Squad – all the folks out there who have kept this case alive).

It was an uplifting evening – I love me some kid time – and the hugs and smiles from the whole family made me feel so good.


This is where things get a little weird. Well, I made it weird. I wanted to understand the “lay of the land” as it were – from where Sharon Huddle worked, to DeAngelo’s house, to Charlie’s Cafe and how far away all that was from San Juan High School where both Huddle and my parents went to school (a coincidence some think isn’t a coincidence).

I started with Sharon’s office. Maybe she’d be in on a Saturday. I figured she’s likely hiding during the week, leery of reporters. As I made my way on Sunrise Boulevard (as busy as Wilshire in LA in my humble opinion), the traffic and visual noise settled down as I approached Roseville. The cement jungle of stores and traffic settled into trees and greenery.

Her office was nice enough but she was nowhere to be found.  I peeked in the windows but there was really nothing to see. I am of two thoughts about Sharon: she either knew he did it or she was completely caught off guard. I’m struggling to believe the latter. I suspect if she knew, she would never want her kids to know and so the secret would die with her and her estranged husband.

220A Sunrise Blvd., Roseville – I was greeted by a wild turkey.
Her office is upstairs.
Nondescript waiting room – no artwork to speak of, no particular style. Very utilitarian.

Next stop was DeAngelo’s house. When I saw it the first time, I went with the 20/20 team and because I wasn’t driving, I wasn’t particularly oriented to areas of Sacramento that I know. It was a very short drive from her office to his house.

I pulled up to 8316 Canyon Oak Drive in Citrus Heights and was immediately satisfied with two changes made since I was there two weeks ago: the grass is nearly dead (sorry neighbors, I realize it looks ugly but it makes me happy) and his neighbors finished their side driveway and the RV is there to block their view of his nasty house. I delight in thinking this would have pissed him off royally.

8316 Canyon Oak Drive in Citrus Heights.

I have been intrigued by a photo I plucked off @ShelbyCrompton’s Twitter (thank you Shelby!). When I spoke to the neighbors last time, they referred to this “coring” of the backyard. The police were using metal detectors and finding a great deal buried in the ground. From the photo below, you can see what they described as “cores” is spot on – each core supposed bore fruit. Evidence. Prosecution gold.

Click and this should zoom in a bit so you can see the “cores”.

You are looking down on his house in the center. Zoom in and you’ll see all the holes from things the investigators dug up. As I understand it, for the Sacramento murders, we want to find guns that match the ballistics from the bullets taken from Katie and Brian Maggiore in 1978. The neighbors said they took out a lot of evidence and I remember hearing guns were found. 

Next stop was Charlie’s Cafe. I was going to go in and talk with the owner, but the cafe is a morning joint and it was after closing. From what I read about the owner, I would have enjoyed meeting her.

Finally I headed to San Juan High School. I’ve seen it before but it was much smaller. I can’t believe how big the school has gotten. It was harder to access than I planned. It lives on Greenback Lane and that is a large, well-traveled thoroughfare.

Hearing tomorrow.,
San Juan High School – I wonder if this is a new front door?

My mom and dad met at San Juan High School. The photo below is the two of them at the Senior Dance (that’s based on my mom’s memory so there’s a 50/50 chance she’s right). They are the second couple from the left.

Hearing tomorrow.
Lyman Smith and Margie Donald at the Senior Dance (second couple from left).

I am not convinced there’s any connection between my family and DeAngelo’s. Sharon graduated years after my mom and dad had left and moved to Berkeley. She’s over a decade younger than they are, so that further reduces the chances of a connection.

That was the extent of my adventure.

Hearing on Monday
A look at the route I took. Intentionally staying in Rancho Cordova because he’s in jail.

I’ve always thought that Sacramento was so huge – and it is – but it’s amazing how close things are when you actually start talking about neighborhoods.

Sunday, Mothers’ Day

Today, I decided to do one of my most favorite things: visit the Sacramento Zoo. I understand folks don’t like to see animals caged, but I’ve long believed allowing folks to get close to animals that are different, treasured and endangered, helps educate folks and generate a love of nature. The zoo had roses set around the park and I grabbed a red one. I acted like a lunatic talking to animals and other people’s children and generally had a good time.

As soon as I got back to the hotel, a feeling of dread set in. I think the idea of coming up here was easier than the reality. In a few hours, I will see the scum of the earth. I’ll provide an update tomorrow.

A mom’s day selfie with some birds with fowl language (puns provided at no extra charge).
Sleepy flamingo. Their necks are like a plush toy.
Thank you Sacramento Zoo for the gorgeous rose. It’s been with me all day.

14 thoughts on “Preparing to Attend Tomorrow’s Golden State Killer Hearing

  1. I live a mile directly east of the zoo, so if you ever visit there again and would like another person to talk to the animals with, I would be happy to oblige. 🙂 Thank you for what you and your survivor sisters are doing for all women. I’m following along and supporting you all on this journey.

    1. That’s a pretty awesome offer. Thank you. I shared some flamingo porn with a reporter this morning from that Mother’s Day trip. I don’t think I understood how athletic a flamingo needs to be to make baby flamingos!

  2. Good grief! This creep actually LOVES cheese? The poor cafe owner had him throwing cheese from his tuna sandwich screaming at waitstaff about how cheese could kill him. Paranoid weirdo. I guess that’s what happens when YOU are the one actually killing people, not cheese. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It’s all about the cheese! I appreciate you get the irony of how banal his cheese preferences are! I do so hope he likes the food-product they serve in the clink.

  3. I was 15 in 1976 and my Dad had me learn to use a gun so I could sleep with it next to my bed.My love and thoughts are with you.His suffering is real now and let us relish that.

    1. That must have been so scary. I do hope he’s suffering and I am fired up to fight for faster rape kit testing and a federal felony DNA law. Something to protect our mothers, sisters and daughters.

  4. But you know what everyone likes to see caged? Joseph DeAngelo!

    I drove by his house Sunday and delighted in seeing how the grass around his boulders was too long. I bet he’d hate that so much. I too felt an incredible sense of injustice walking around his neighborhood. He didn’t deserve the life he had. I wonder how many people he robbed of having the same privilege he was afforded. No point in dwelling though.

    I was there this morning too and hope to be there on the 29th. If I see you, can I say hi?

    1. Yes please say hi! The press cause a crush and I bet there are fewer there because it’s going to just be another continuance. But I want him to know we aren’t going away. I delight in seeing his house “dying” too.

  5. Hoping you get a bit of what you’re searching for today. I think you’ve got s ton of support here. Prayers to you and your family.
    Peggy Fish.

    1. Thank you Peggy – this will go on for awhile so I will try to pace myself. Thank you for the support.

    1. Thank you Krista – hopefully I’ll be able to keep following this as it plays out. It won’t go fast though, so I’m going to see if I can’t figure out my life to go along with this mess.

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