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My name is Jennifer Carole – but nearly everyone calls me JenCarole or Jen. You may also know me by my old name, Jenny Smith. Welcome to my podcast and blog. I encourage you to subscribe to this blog (there’s a box for your email on the home page, right nav) and the podcast if you don’t want to miss anything (yes, I know I am shilling here, but I love the attention – how’s that for honest?). Also, if you want to talk, I’m frequently on Twitter.

I am an Energy Life Coach and experienced marketing professional from Silicon Valley who still makes typos all the time. I have a wonderful, adult daughter, two brothers with great families and my mom is still kicking. My father and stepmother were murdered in Ventura, California, by the Golden State Killer in 1980. At that time, we didn’t know their deaths were caused by a serial killer.

Oh yeah, I have a podcast. Surprise!

In the spirit of true crime, I have a podcast but it’s a little different than most.

This is an autobiographical account of this crime and includes real-time information about hearings, breaking news and legal strategy. At the same time, I go back in time to the early 1980s, sharing what was happening at the time so you have a better understanding of how our case evolved. 

It started out as a horrendous small town murder. Twenty years later we learn our case is connected to others in southern California and we started searching for the Original Nightstalker. And then the connection to the East Area Rapist happened a few years later. 

I’ll be adding new podcasts very soon. Be sure to subscribe on SoundCloudiTunes or GooglePlay, so you’ll get the new episodes.

My Values

Through the years, I’ve been committed to a few values that have provided me with direction:
1. Everyone is special and deserves to be seen and heard. That is the biggest gift we can give one another. 
2. My job is to help others succeed. That is at work and at home.
3. Human rights and civil rights are essential and belong to everyone. It’s our job to make sure they are preserved.
4. Generosity does not diminish a person – abundance comes from giving.
5. Justice is derived by principle, not by authority. Sometimes doing the wrong thing, is the right thing to do.

Please comment if you read something that makes you want to agree, argue or question. I was raised by a lawyer. I can take it.


A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

My mom and dad as early married people in 1958! I love this photo.

The photog for the New York Times took this one of Katie and I when DeAngelo was arrested April 2018!

And my words on video for the Golden State Killer. This was Unmasking a Killer on HLN. Guess who got the last laugh?

If you have actually read this whole page, you’re delightful! This is a blog I did when Katie was being world-traveler. I bought a small house and kept our lives relatively simple so if I had a kid who wanted to travel, it could happen! I am grateful she’s a global citizen!