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Job Hunting Coronavirus Edition with Shelley Karpaty

Shelley Karpaty has worked as a high-profile Silicon Valley recruiter – and worked with me at a cybersecurity firm awhile back! She bases her philosophy on the Sanskrit root for yoga, which means to add, join, unite, or attach. She works to find your passion, help you package it, and unite you with a company […]

Build Your Personal Brand Pt 2 with Jennifer Carole

Today I take you through the rest of the personal brand building exercise where we focus on what motivates you and what makes you special. In the last episode, I had you figure out your current mission statement. By going through those steps, you should have identified what you want to do based on what’s […]

Grief in the Time of Coronoavirus with Andrea Lott

Andrea Lott joined us today to talk about grief and how it might feel different right now because we can’t be with the people we love when we lose them. There’s very little that can replace a hug. Ironically, it’s touching more than just coronavirus victims. Even people dying from other causes are passing at […]

From Survivor to Advocate with Kris Pedretti

Kris Pedretti was victim 10. At that time, the East Area Rapist had barely been acknowledged as a repeat offender. Kris was 15, a church girl who was incredibly innocent and extremely good-hearted. Within 90 minutes, Joseph DeAngelo (DNA guilty) stole her innocence and changed the course of her life. And yet, she’s moved from […]

Gig Worker, Small Business Loan Explainer with Seanna Asper

Seanna Asper is a CPA (in Washington State) and an accountant who I met in coaching school. What this means is she brings a very wonderful approach to dealing with numbers. Here’s how she says it, “In this information age it’s easy to get information and seemingly harder to find people that truly care about […]

Build Your Personal Brand Part 1 with Jennifer Carole

As an experienced marketer who happens to love brand, one of the things I’ve often coached (mentored, advised) people on is building their personal brand. Here’s what that means: helping people articulate what they stand for and who they are in a way that’s personal, relateable and memorable. Today, in part one, I am adding […]

Paranormal Investigator Stacey Scott

Stacey Scott is an experienced psychic medium (aka paranormal investigator) who gives accurate crime-related and paranormal case readings. She does it through a range of her gifts (different kinds of clairvoyance) to law enforcement agencies, victim’s families, and those experiencing paranormal activity in their homes, public buildings, etc. Stacey has worked on a variety of cases, and […]

Using Now for Life Design with Charlotte Smith

Charlotte Smith was a lawyer – or solicitor as they say in the UK – and she realized her job was no longer aligned with her core values. Feeling burned out, miserable and unhappy, change was needed. She made a pivot, to coaching, and now helps people intentionally design their life so they are happier, […]