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Coaching is not what I expected. It’s better.

I’ve seen the jokes and life hacks that use #lifecoach and remind us to put the milk back in the fridge or brush our teeth while we shower. They make me laugh and often have a good point. But real life coaching is is different. It’s designed to take you from good to better and then from better to outstanding. By helping you focus on your values, what motivates you and what’s keeping you back, coaching allows you to set a path forward that is both possible and reasonable. 

It’s isn’t therapy and it isn’t passive. We focus on action, accountability and success. If something is hindering your success, we talk about that too and work to remove it as a barrier. The easiest way to understand is to watch the video and then schedule and complimentary session with me. You want to make sure my personality and my process is a good fit for you.

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Here’s how coaching works including your role in making sure you’re getting what you need.

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What clients are saying

Jen is not only 100% authentic in her connection with the client, but has the experience, professional skills and communication approaches to help you clarify what you really want in life.

She asks important questions that cut through the layers and bring out what you need to hear to get going in the direction that will serve you best!

Jennifer is amazing. She’s a wonderful blend of warmth and professionalism, and I recommend her without reservation.

She’s encouraging and professional and helped me clarify the best path to achieve my goals. 


I never worked with a life coach before and so was unsure as to what to expect. Jen put me at ease immediately and I really looked forward to our sessions.

She gave me homework, which combined with our sessions, helped me realize (and believe) that the career I want is totally within reach. I’m so excited to see what the future brings!


Coaching helped me home in on a more fulfilling career path and lay to rest a handful of other options that I had been considering– some for more than a decade!

If you feel stuck or want a fresh approach on a single dimension of your life, or every aspect, Jen is a ready and capable guide. 


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