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Life Coaching

Let me help you identify your priorities and set a course for success.

I’d like to be your life coach. I’m an  iPEC Core Energy Coachand I’m excited to help you change your life. I coach without judgement and the process is designed to adapt to what works for you.

iPEC Life Coach Jennifer Carole
It’s me! Jen Carole

I’ve worked in Silicon Valley for most of my life. I’ve managed people, created comprehensive marketing plans and made lasting friendships. Along the way, my professional friends have used me as sounding board and mentor as they navigate their careers and life choices. I’ve also been a single mom by choice and raised a great kid who is now out on her own. As you’ll also notice on this site, my dad and stepmom were killed by the Golden State Killer. I follow the case and gain strength from the other survivors as we watch him move through the trial process (which could take a decade).

All this is to say, I get it. I’m here to help and I look forward to working with you.

Here’s a testimonial!

There’s a lot to love about Jen! Jen is not only 100% authentic in her connection with the client, but has the experience, professional skills and communication approaches to help you clarify what you really want in life. She knows how to ask the important questions that cut through the layers and will bring out what you need to hear in order to get going in the direction that will serve you best! Jen helped me home in on a more fulfilling career path and lay to rest a handful of other options that I had been considering– some for more than a decade! If you feel stuck or want a fresh approach on a single dimension of your life, or every aspect, Jen is a ready and capable guide. Thank you Jen!

What is a Life Coach (and what it isn’t)

  • Life coaching helps you identify a path forward with clear goals that fit with your values. Yes, there’s usually homework.
  • Life coaching isn’t therapy; although you can be in therapy while working with a coach.
  • Life coaching isn’t me telling you what to do. It’s designed to help you discover ways to help yourself and it has to “fit” with your values and priorities.
  • Life coaching is fun (well, I think it is) and calibrated to fit into your life, so you can create change.

Areas of Specialization

  • Professionals who are interested in developing their career.
  • Professionals who need to focus on an area for improvement (often referred by your manager; often companies will pay for this).
  • Young adults who are struggling with “how to adult”. Life isn’t like it was 20 years ago; it’s different but you can do this.
  • Mothers who are considering re-entering the work force or who are struggling to find themselves in addition to motherhood.
  • Honestly: anyone who is struggling with an issue (or issues) that are preventing you from having your best life.

How it Works

Sessions are conducted using Zoom video conferencing. If you’re in the Santa Cruz area, I’m happy to meet in person. After your session, I will send you a PayPal invoice or we can make other arrangements. If you’re working on your career, often your employer will cover this expense. It may be reimbursable or with a PO, I can invoice directly – either way, what you discuss is strictly confidential.

  1. Begin with a free consultation to make sure coaching is right for you. (Book below.)
  2. First coaching session: understanding you and your priorities (where are you stuck or where you need help).
  3. Over the course of a few sessions (how many depends on what you want to accomplish), you’ll build a plan for getting what you want.
  4. Coaching lasts as long as you need it. It’s also something you can come back to as your life evolves.