The Life Coach Pod is a weekday show at 1pm PT. Join us as a live audience member by clicking here at 1pm PT or going to Zoom and using meeting number: 456-073-748.

Or watch the shows on YouTube or listen to the show via podcast at I’m working on syndication, but give it a search on Apple Pods or Google Play – it’s supposedly listed.

I’m booking guests from all walks of life with tips, hints and insights into how to get through these strange times. If you’re interested in being a guest, let me know! I’l also dig into interesting articles that are worth a closer look. Finally, we’ll open the lines and have a discussion – like a radio talk show but ya know, different!

Upcoming Live Show Schedule

Monday – Jen Carole with Motivation Monday

Tuesday – Seanna Asper on Small Business Loans

Wednesday – Jordan K on Growing Up Transgender

Friday – Laurel Sutton, What’s In a Name? Behind Branding

Past Shows (Click title for details)

Ep 1 Host: Jen Carole, Life Coach, Managing Negative Energy, recorded Mar 24, 2020

Ep 2 Guest: Ron Johnson, Trainer and Coach, The Mind/Body Connection, recorded Mar 25, 2020

Ep 3 Guest: Melissa Santangelo, Healer, Identifying Core Emotions, recorded Mar 26, 2020

Ep 4 Guest: Heidi Koronkowski, Behavioral Coach, Managing Anxiety in Strange Times, recorded Mar 27, 2020

Ep 5 Host: Jen Carole, Life Coach, Moving Forward Financially, recorded Mar 30, 2020

Ep 6 Guest: Dr. Tom Mason, DVM, Animal Care During Quarantine, recorded Mar 31, 2020

Ep 7 Guest: Eileen Burke Woodward, Improv! April Fools, recorded Apr 1, 2020

Ep 8 Guest: Charlotte Smith, JD, Using Now for Life Design, recorded Apr 2, 2020

Ep 9 Guest: Stacey ScottParanormal Investigator, recorded Apr 3, 2020