Paranormal Investigator Stacey Scott

Stacey Scott is an experienced psychic medium (aka paranormal investigator) who gives accurate crime-related and paranormal case readings. She does it through a range of her gifts (different kinds of clairvoyance) to law enforcement agencies, victim’s families, and those experiencing paranormal activity in their homes, public buildings, etc.

Stacey has worked on a variety of cases, and the information and impressions she receives can contribute to and energize all manner of cases, especially cold cases, and those involving children.


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Here’s how Stacey can help your cold case.

Today, on the show, she talks about her process and how she discovered her abilities. I loved that she shared how she works with law enforcement on active and cold cases. Stacey does personal readings for folks and she explains how it works. She also doesn’t charge for helping on cases (wow!).

Finally, Stacey happened to also send me her notes on the Golden State Killer and I’ll be sharing that on The Lawyer’s Daughter podcast.


If you listened to The Lawyer’s Daughter podcast dated April 4, 2020, I talked about this bracelet in the last ten minutes of the show. Here’s the bracelet photograph Deb Domingo sent to me.

Here’s what Deb said, “The charms have names Roger (my Dad,) Cherie (misspelled,) Debbi & David (my bro.)After my turbulent lifestyle in the 90’s (trailer fire, storage unit loss, homelessness) it is a true miracle that I even still have this piece. For Mom to speak through it is beyond my comprehension.”

My heart is so full.

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