Santa Cruz County Fair 2022 – My Work Won Ribbons!

Twin girls with their twin butterflies!

It’s rare for me to get feedback on things I’ve crocheted that’s constructive and helpful, but what I got from the fair is amazing. The judge uses a rubric (at the very bottom of this post) and then ADDS COMMENTS that will help me be a better hooker. I am so grateful for this incredible gift. I also can’t wait to blow her mind next year now that I know what she uses to evaluate entries.

I made some giveaways. Butterflies and fidgets. The fidgets just look like a little taco, but there’s a barrette inside it that snaps when you mess with it (bend it back and forth). When I got home, I was just basking in the joy of the afternoon. It was the best. Here’s what I posted on Facebook:

I had the BEST time. I didn’t realize what a heart connect crochet is for so many people because their gramma crocheted, and it just makes them happy. Also, fairs are great places for intergenerational families so gramma’s are with granddaughters telling them their moms crocheted and encouraged the kids to learn. I think I may have converted some souls to stitchcraft. Also, I gave away about 15 butterflies and 15 fidgets and the fidgets were super popular. I did not expect that. But the kids like having something that snaps. The butterflies were way prettier. All were ready to hook on a backpack. Or a sling. I gave one to a man with a broken arm who told me all about his mom crocheting. Just a super super cool evening.

Here’s What I Won (and Why)

Here’s a quick look at what I entered and a few notes from her feedback for the crochet nerds in the audience.

Neopolitan Purse Third Place

This is a drawstring top bag made of cotton yarn with a shoulder strap.

From the judge: Fun purse with a nicely matched colors. The variagate yarn adds good interest. The ends are well finished. Not having a lining is good so we can see the backside of the crochet, but the loose guage/big stitches means it might not be so useful as a purse. The offset strap that is seepare trom the drawstring is an interesting choice. Charming accessory!

Scooby Doo Amigurimi – Second Place

Made this for Katie’s main squeeze. He loves Scooby. It was HARD to make because of symmetry and just the size. But he’s super durable.

From the judge: Great Scooby Doo! Sutting is good. The stithcing is good and tight. A few of the joins seem a little weak. The eyes and face embroidery could be adjusted a little differently for more expression. Overall – really fun!


 Santa Cruz Pride Graphgan Wall Hanging – Second Place

I wanted to do something different with our Santa Cruz lighthouse. I love how Santa Cruz Pride incorporated the lighthouse into its logo. I was thinking I could donate it afterward to the Diversity Center to use at an auction. Need to explore that. I used StitchFiddle to create the graphgan chart.

From the judge: Great design! Intarsia color work has some tricks that are work experimenting with. Your firm gauge is a great start. Using a separate strang for each litter might have been helpful. Also, switch yards a bit differently on the front and back of the piece, so the edges are smoother on the front side. Crab stitch on the last round is a great finish, but crab one, chain one, would have helped the guague to the edge lies flatter. Overall, nice stitching!

Peaches and Mint Hexagon Blanket – First Place

This blanket is from a Crochet Along with The Crochet Crowd Stitch Social. It’s called The Study of Geometry. Yes, it was hard. There was a LOT of counting. I don’t love hexagons, but this will make a great gift as a baby blanket because I used lightweight yarn.

From the judge: The combination of near colors makes this look like a scrapghan — great choices and combinations! Delightful design. Some colors look different because of the colors they are next to, some are variegated. Nicely done! Nice use of lighter-weight yarn. 

These are the giveaways I created.

Here’s what I took.

This is the rubric used by the judge.