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Seeing DeAngelo for the First Time – Part Two

Two days have passed since seeing DeAngelo in court. There’s a dream I’ve been having since he was arrested that’s clearly from my own imagination and subconscious. In the dream, I am Charlene and watching Charlene at the same time – in that mystical way dreams commingle themes. I’m feeling his breath on me and […]

Today I Saw Joseph DeAngelo, The Golden State Killer, In Person for the First Time

I knew it would be tough to sleep. I felt the dread building into the evening and so I decided half a Xanax would help. Not so much. When the clock flipped to 1:30am, I was still talking to myself. I need sleep. I have to be up early. I was afraid the alarm wouldn’t […]

Preparing to Attend Tomorrow’s Golden State Killer Hearing

Charlie’s Cafe is where the Golden State Killer liked to eat. Good on them for putting up with the lousy patron. Leave an extra few bucks for the staff – they dodged a bullet. PS: Sac County jail, he apparently LOVES cheese. When I have a hard time writing, I know it’s usually because my […]