Animal Care During Quarantine with Dr. Tom Mason

My college friend (we were on the same dorm floor at UC Davis a long time ago) joined us today to talk about animal care during our shelter in place. He talks about the status of veterinary care today and then what we need to watch for as we stay home with our fur babies.

My best story about Tom (that’ I’m allowed to talk about) is when he helped me and my roommate hide our kitty from our landlord (no pets allowed). The landlord knocked on his door (he lived upstairs) and Sophie, our cat, walked out right through his legs. “Not my cat,” is the way the story goes. He wasn’t lying!


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An experienced vet who’s working to bring positive change to the business.

Tom has more than 25 years of veterinary industry experience and leadership in two of San Francisco’s premier animal welfare organizations (The San Francisco SPCA and Pets Unlimited). Both operate The City’s two largest veterinary hospital and adoption programs. He brings a unique vision to veterinary practice management, practice leadership, and clinical operations, and how to utilize clinical advances and trends in technology to enrich client service and patient care.

Tom’s involved in an innovative new company working to support entrepreneurship in veterinary medicine at a time when large corporations are gobbling up our professionals. The company is called Curo Pet Care. If you’re a vet that’s interested, give them a call. He talks about this shift in the business at the beginning of the show.

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