In the process of talking with our panel members about how they have helped their families with technology, we discovered some great stories. So we couldn’t resist. Here are the Top 10 tales from our kids from around the world as they coach their families through the technology landscape!

“My parents were in the middle of telling me off for not keeping my room tidy, and then my phone ran out of battery leaving them unable to continue to tell me off.”
– Samuel, 18, Australia

“We were trying to set up a DVD player and we couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working. We spent an hour working on it and we could see it was plugged in. However, we found out later, the outlet strip it was plugged into wasn’t.”
– Mike, 16, United States

“My mother wanted to talk to my father on the phone, but she was driving so I had to call him. Turns out I actually called my tennis coach by mistake and the first thing she said was ‘Hello darling…’.”
– Ahmed, 16, England

“When I was helping my dad set up his home theater he got so mad because he couldn’t hear the audio on the TV. He was ready to throw the system out the window. I passed by and asked him, ‘Are you sure you’re not on mute?’ He checked and that wasn’t it. Then I saw the brand-new Bose home theater component and said ‘You sure you’re in the right audio channel?’ I was right and he was so embarrassed he didn’t want to admit it. He denied it. I picked up the remote, clicked a button and there was sound! He was so mad that I was right!! I just laughed.”
– Martha, 18, Mexico

“My brother spent a huge amount of time looking for the button to unlock his new iPhone. All he had to do was touch the screen!”
– Alexandra, 18, United States

“Once, my mother tried to use the remote control to call my grandfather!”
– Tobias, 18, Sweden

“I once accidentally called my mom instead of my friend and asked when and where I should meet for a party. Busted.”
– Ted, 20, France

“One time my phone got wet and I put it in the microwave to dry.”
– Kelly, 14, United States

“I left my Gmail account open when I went on vacation. While I was gone, my mother chatted with all of my friends.”
– Cameron, 18, United States

“Once I complained about my parents on my blog. The next day, I found out my parents had left comments on it.”
– Angela, 16, China

Do you have a great “embarrassing moment” based on tech and your family? Let us know!