A couple of weeks ago Katie came home all excited because she found out she could bring one of her pets to share at school. This would be the end of one of the “inquiry days” and all she has to do was sign up to introduce one of her pets to the class.
And you guessed it: she wanted to bring a chicken.
As it turned out she was able to get the October spot and she didn’t want to bring just one chicken she wanted to bring both of the babies: Hilda and Cosette. Of course for this to happen, I would have to pack up the chickens find a way to transport them and bring to school.
Thankfully they both fit in the kitty carrier and because they were raised together they didn’t mind being crowded together when I brought them to school.
At school, Katie did a great job of introducing her classmates to the girls. Hilda completely freaked out,  jumped off the table and scared the crap out of everybody. Cosette turned out to be adorable and cuddly and everybody got to pet her.
I have to say the chickens were complete hit. And they didn’t even mess up the kitty carrier!