In a rather cool move by our local County Fair, winners in the poetry contest are asked to come and read their poem to the crowd. Katie won first place. And of course her mom said, “She’d love to!” when she was invited.

Okay – maybe that was a little stretch.

But isn’t the point of doing home school to grab every opportunity and turn it into a learning opportunity? And this one had learning written all over it!

I love public speaking. If you ask me, I don’t get to do it enough. And I understand a lot of people get nervous about it, but thankfully, for me, it comes so easily. So of course I want that for my kid. She’s naturally funny, has good stories and all she needs to do is speak slowly, clearly and persuasively. Apparently my enthusiasm was not all that contagious. She assured me she had it handled. I backed off.

Frightening Noises
We got to the fair on time and arrived at the Fine Arts Building to find one of Katie’s friends on site! It was a total coincidence and couldn’t have been better. We sat down and waited for the reading to begin. Right on time, 3pm, Steve Banks got things started and surprise(!), Katie was the first one up!

I’ll let the “tale of the tape” take it from here. Needless to say, I am a proud mom! It couldn’t have gone better.