I love Halloween. It’s colorful, creative and usually good fun.

But there are weird conversations going on this year about making rules for how old kids can be who want to trick or treat – like no one over 14 should be allowed to go house to house (can you imagine being the cop who has to make an arrest?). [See also Teens Defend their Right to Trick or Treat.]

That’s crazy. It’s time to restore some sanity around here!

When it comes to Halloween, I am the ultimate socialist. If you show up wearing a costume, you get candy. Even adults. I don’t care. All you have to do is show a little creativity and have the wherewithal to go door to door. Okay, you do have to say, “Trick or Treat” but that’s is – everybody gets candy!

I love how much thought and planning goes into Katie’s costume every year. It’s usually her idea and then my scrambling to see what we can assemble. I think she’s had a homemade costume nearly every year!

And this year – and I blame her social studies teacher  – this year she made a homemade map of the route she’s planning to take with her friends with special houses identified (we all know the “good” houses don’t we?) so they don’t forget.

Katie took great care in choosing a good mix of candy based on her assessment of “kids favorites” (and no peanuts since a good friend of hers has a peanut allergy and she’s sensitive to that!).

The nation’s depressed. The economy still sucks. Politicians are fighting. Don’t we deserve a little fun (besides watching the SF Giants play in the World Series!)? And all we do is get mad at tweens and teens for being a nuisance. Well this is a positive, fun, good way to have fun – shouldn’t we all celebrate that together?

Share the wealth. Buy some candy. Make a Trick or Treater happy on Halloween no matter how old they are!