Where else can you see piggie butts!
We are so very lucky to live in a county that still plays host to an annual county fair. I hear fairs are closing down all over the United States and I think that’s just a shame. There’s nothing better than the sites, sounds and smells of agriculture, junk food and lots of animals!
Katie has participated in the fair since she was four (I have dragged her to the fair since she was two!). Her first entry was a painting of a chicken (yep, long before we had chickens, she was into them!). She got a second place ribbon.
Two years old!
She comes from a long line of fair participants. My brothers and I all entered exhibits, my mom won for her famous watermelon pickles, my grandparents entered in their local fairs and my cousins have won big awards for their animals at the California State Fair.
Today we picked up Katie’s ribbons for this year’s entries: a first place for her photograph of our chicken Lily; first place for her ceramic tile; and first place and a special award for her veggie art. First time she had such a wonderful clean sweep!
Award-winning  photo
The tile got a blue ribbon.
And she is fired up. She feels so good about herself!

I love our fair. They are generous with ribbons. They provide written feedback on the more sophisticated exhibits. We saw some friends picking up their stuff today, their ribbons fluttering in the breeze, huge smiles on their faces. We told them we saw their entries, they said they saw Katie’s entries. The fair helps sustain this wonderful sense of community.

I know it takes a lot of work to run a fair. I have no idea how much it takes to break even. I give a virtual hug to all the volunteers who make ours happen. And I am ever grateful for the big dose of self-esteem it gives our kids.
“Veggie art”  
Good fun. Good neighbors. Good times.
Next year I encourage you to take some time, help the kids find things to enter and go enjoy your local fair!

This just in! My friend Susana just published her blog about the fair with an interesting perspective on kids and winning and losing. Read it here!