One of the best things that happened in early winter is a friend joined us in home school. Jordan and Katie had played together and I had always thought Jordan’s mom Heidi seemed cool, but I had no idea.

We’re In This Together
Having someone to share the experience with has been outstanding. It really helps that we live within one mile of each other. That the girls share some other friends in common. That Heidi and I share a common enemy based on our old school. But what really helps is that she’s as interested in creating opportunities for the girls to learn as I am.

The Heart of the Matter
As it turns out, Jordan’s dad does some amazing work. He works at a company, BioCardia, that is working on tools to deliver medicine and therapies directly to the heart. Holy cow. Heidi decided to pack up the girls and take them for a tour of the facility and Ron (Jordan’s dad) was able to get them into the lab and talking to the researchers working there.

Katie truly enjoyed having such intimate access to research and development. She’s very interested in science and she was very curious about the process and tools she saw there. What a fantastic opportunity Heidi (and Ron) cooked up!

Flying High
After visiting the lab, Heidi forged on and took the girls to Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos. The kids had a blast running around touching planes, jets and Katie got to sit in a Blue Angel fighter. (She knows her mom has a special love of the Blue Angels so she made sure Heidi took lots of pics of her in the cockpit.)

A Richer Experience
From the beginning, I knew I was going to need help to do this home school thing. Friends and family pitched in – sent good ideas, resources, shared their passions. I am so grateful for their involvement and I think Katie has really benefit from it all.

And now, with a peer to share things with, it’s increased her engagement. I am so grateful to have a “cool mom” to share the experience and add fuel to their fire. Heidi and Jordan – thank you for sharing our home school adventure!