Green You Can Do: Offsetting Your Google Footprint

I live in California and I am served by Pacific Gas & Electric for my utilities. Last month, as I proceeded to review my online bill, I saw an interesting ad for ClimateSmart. I was being offered to businesses, but as a student of Jim Rockford*, I have learned that just because your name isn’t on the invitation, it doesn’t mean you aren’t invited!

My daughter, in line with so many of today’s young people, is a freak about looking for ways for us to “save the earth.” When I told her about this program, she was thrilled that we could offset her watching “Saved by the Bell” by participating in ClimateSmart (I am not sure what will offset the earworm I get from that show’s annoying theme song). For me, I need to offset my Twitter and Google addiction.

Check with your local utility company to see what’s available in your area!

This program appears to rock! Here’s how PG&E describes it:

The ClimateSmart™ program provides a voluntary option for Pacific Gas and Electric Company business customers to reduce their impact on climate change. When you enroll in the program, PG&E will calculate the amount needed to make the greenhouse gas emissions associated with your organization’s energy use “neutral” and will add this amount to your monthly energy bill. Your organization’s monthly ClimateSmart amount will vary depending on actual energy use. Your organization can choose which gas and electric accounts to enroll, and you can opt out at any time with no penalty.

So what does it cost? Frankly, not much at all.

My summer bill is about $80/month for both gas and electricity. The ClimateSmart charge for that same bill was $2.46. I don’t drink coffee, but isn’t that about a single frappacrappa something at a coffee place? I know it’s cheaper than a single scoop cone at Baskin Robbins. Seems like the least we could do, doesn’t it? And you don’t have to be a business. In fact, if we “consumers” got on board, we could really make a difference.

So there’s the challenge. Check with your utility company, find your local program and sign-up. Let’s all “offset” together and leave something good for our kids. Will you join me!?

*Seriously? You don’t know about or remember Jim Rockford from The Rockford Files? While my mom swears he’s Maverick and not Rockford, James Garner taught me so much when I was a kid. I think I need to blog that one day: What I Learned from Jim Rockford. Sounds like a plan.

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