When we found out we had to rush up to Sacramento to help an ailing relative, of course I threw all our home school stuff in a bag and brought it with us. One of the assignments had to do with looking at grocery store ads.

It was a great, practical lesson and since I had an expert in the house – my mom – I put her to work. My mom is a shopping wizard. She studies the ads every week and knows just where to get the best bargains. So who better to teach how to compare prices, calculate cost based on weight or figure out unit cost?

It was great eavesdropping on them.

There’s only one problem. My mom gets frustrated fast. Thankfully Katie knows that. She had a lot of fun lighting my mom’s fuse.

The good news? They did get the assignment done.

Home School POV: I absolutely LOVE the book we are using that had the grocery store ad assignment. It’s called Score Boosters and it supposedly is used to help improve test scores, but I like it because it has a range of cool exercises that rely on an interdisciplinary approach – like following directions or using a phone book. Too cool. We have the Grade Five edition.