Yep. Last blog was November 16, 2009. Feels like a lifetime ago.
Work got crazy, Thanksgiving was just around the corner and what happened on the home school front? Hapless grasping at learning opportunities that were often sacrificed to other commitments.
I can’t be the only one who has had this happen. I had the best of intentions: we had a plan, topics to work on, math to get done. Then it all: Just. Fell. Apart.
Katie got sick and we missed a couple field trips. I had to go in to see my client more often than usual. Even our tutor had to cancel because her life got away from her. [Pictured: we did manage to see one historical thing on a trip to SF – does that count!?]
So, here we are in January.
We are dusting off our brains and trying to get the gears grinding again. The good news is we have renewed our energy for learning. We have a few killer field trips planned and Katie has started reading a book that I loved, The Breadwinner, that might actually foster some interesting discussion. The tutor called and she’s fired up and “activity day” at the school starts again today!
With January, there is other good news. The rhythm of home school has become a routine. Mornings are easy; it continues to be a rather stress-free process. We have time to cook and make better meals. Katie’s play really reflects her creative process as she has time to create elaborate realities with a cast of characters (note to self – I have to get some of it on video).
So here’s to 2010. Who knows what the year will bring. But we are ready for it as our Home School Adventure continues!