Dear TiVo: Help Me Find New Music

An open letter to TiVo:

Dear TiVo:

You know I love you (and I am not alone). Without you, I would rarely – if ever – get to see my favorite shows. There’s nothing better than knowing Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are waiting for me whenever I need them. And now I find out I can even program you from my phone! Ahhhhhh…..

But here’s the thing, there’s more you can do for me.

As you can imagine, I don’t get out much and while I enjoy listening to music, it’s mostly the old stuff I know and love. But when I watch Gossip Girl or 90210 or Privilege (did I mention I have a tween in the house), they play new music that I kind of like. But here’s the thing, I can’t find it very well after the show – even though the CW does a good job of featuring artists.

Wouldn’t it be cool if at any point during a program, I could hit a button on my TiVo remote and find out the name and artist of the music playing – at that moment!? Not only that, but with one more click, it could send that information to my email or iTunes account so I could make the purchase when I get to my computer?

I realize IPTV is just around the corner, but I probably won’t be an early adopter. And I already own two TiVo boxes. AND my daughter is starting to buy music. It seems like you should get some sort of referral fee from iTunes or from the labels if you pass along a lead. I am sure there’s a business model waiting to bust out of this idea.

So get to work on that would you? I am ready to order my new music today!

Love, Jen

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