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10 Things I Miss About Home School: Part One

Last year was great. I really did like home school.  Sure it pushed me to my limits balancing work and teaching, but we had so many great adventures and experiences. With the start of this new school year, I couldn’t help but look back and think about those lovely home school days (top ten, countdown […]

Am I Stretching Things too Far? Home School Lessons from Farmville!?!

If you haven’t played Farmville yet, you’ve been warned! Don’t start! It’s totally addicting.  I initially started playing to learn more about how the folks at Zynga (the company behind the franchise) were so good at being “sticky.” That’s what we call it when an online application does a good job of bringing people back […]

Undercover Boss as Homeschool Curriculum – This is good stuff! (Worksheet Included!)

We started watching Undercover Boss with the very first episode. I was intrigued that the CEO of Waste Management was willing to do a “reality’ show and I was interested in learning more about their business. I mean we see their trucks all around us – what made it tick? Katie went along with me […]

Henry Cowell State Park: Home School Scavenger Hunt

One year, I took Katie to Henry Cowell the first Sunday of every month and had her take pictures so she could see the seaons change month to month. It was a great exercise and helped her actually see how forests change based on daylight, rain, fog, and more. This year, since we are officially […]

The Home School Science Fair: The Results are In!

That’s right! We had us a Science Fair and it was great. Despite the hesitation and resistance expressed by the teachers about competition or, wait for it, setting expectations, the kids did great! In fact, it was probably the best event I have attended at our home school! As you might have read in my […]

Do boys and girls play differently? Oh yeah they do!

Today began so simply. Up early, bugged out to breakfast so the housekeeper could kick some butt. Took home school work to do at the IHOP. All good. Then it started raining. We got home to find the housekeeper freaking because the vacuum nearly caught on fire. And then Josh called: could he come over? […]

Life Aboard the USS Hornet: We Lived Like Sailors – Awesome!

Katie and I slept on the USS Hornet! Holy cow, talk about bringing history to life! It was a fantastic experience – from walking up the gang plank to choosing our bunk to eating in the mess. What a ship. We arrived in Alameda on Saturday at 4pm. It was a little “Navy” from the […]

Fostering Independence (While I Take a Pill and Try to Stay Calm)

I figure one of the big “themes” of home school is letting Katie try to do things on her own. Giving her the freedom to experiment, fail, succeed and having me stay out of it. But holy crap is that hard! It started last weekend. She had a good friend over who she hadn’t seen […]