Last year was great. I really did like home school. 
Sure it pushed me to my limits balancing work and teaching, but we had so many great adventures and experiences. With the start of this new school year, I couldn’t help but look back and think about those lovely home school days (top ten, countdown style):
10. Sleep.
Let’s face it. Anyone who home schools knows this is an immediate and enduring benefit. I believe home school kids must be taller because they can sleep to their natural clock and I did too! 
Turns out I have a night owl – which is great for doing things and sucks for getting to bed early for a new day a public school (8am is insane). I miss those days of getting up early, having the house to myself and letting Katie wake naturally and in a good mood.
9. Sick is sick; aka no deadlines.
Katie’s already missed two days of school. ALREADY! She got the crud from being packed like a sardine next to other germ-laden kids. In home school, she did get sick but she didn’t miss class as a result. We just moved things around. So there was no pressure to do make up work and “keep up” with the class. This weekend we are spending the whole “feel better” time catching up on school work.
Which brings me to the deadlines part. I knew life in public school meant deadlines. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it. I watched Katie learn a ton last year but it didn’t include timed tests, piling on the crap and doing everything at some break-neck pace. I have enough deadlines at work – add school to the mix and maybe this is how mom’s end up drinking their dinners!
8. Not going it alone.
I had a home school parent buddy. It was great. She kept me motivated, had ideas about things the kids could do together, we could bitch to each other when we had a bad school day. Now I don’t have that anymore. Public school doesn’t bring parents together (except for insane fundraisers which should not include the “fun” prefix). Family members also got in the act with home school. I loved the village that jumped in to help Katie learn about things I didn’t know!
7. Field trips.
My forte. Coming up with cool ways to bring social studies, history, even math to life. I loved looking for real world examples and integrating that into the curriculum. From Columbia State Park to the Big Trees to spending the night on the USS Hornet, it was all good. Sure, I can still do it, but now it has to fit into after 3pm on a Friday and home by bedtime on a Sunday night. And include time for homework just  in case! 
My wanderlust is dust.
6. Total flexibility.
Don’t want to do math today? No problem. We’ll get to it. Reading the wrong book. Let’s change it, I want you to read more than I worry about what you are reading (turns out magazines work great for Katie). Love science? Let’s do more of that, and I will throw in some related math and reading and you won’t even know I gotcha! And we can do it today (insert any freaking day)! 
As an entrepreneur, you can only imagine how much I love being creative and home school fed me along with Katie. If I could dream it, I could do it – just about all of it! Home school even tapped the spirits of those around us – my mom, my best friend, Katie’s donor and more – everyone got inspired and had something to share, add or do. And since there was no timetable, our flexibility allowed it to happen.
Come back to read part two. I should have it done shortly, if we can just get through this pile of “out sick” homework. Anyone know how to draw the term “scientific method”? Seriously. Draw it.