Since we now turn everything around here into a home school activity, I thought I would drag Katie into the fray. Today’s Blog Action Day 2009 and the focus is on Climate Change. So, I had Katie ask her friends if there were any brands they preferred because they are helping save the planet?
The answers were interesting and varied. Of course I started by asking her the question first as a test! 
Katie, female, age 10
I have always liked Nickelodeon. I think it’s really cool that they are focused on green. They have changed something that makes them more green. I know this because they told me (via commercials). I also make my mom buy foods that don’t have a lot of packaging – or it does, it should be packaging we can recycle. 
Ashley, female, age 10
We get reusable bags and I do recycling. I think people should ride in their cars only once a week to use less gas and create less pollution. Instead bike to school. 
Rose, female, age 10
I watch Disney Channel because I like to hear them talk about saving the planet. I have my mom buy reusable bags. We like to buy foods with less packaging because it’s good for the planet. 
Josh, male, age 10
We buy light bulbs that are good for the planet – the kind that contains mercury. I don’t buy much. We recycle the cans and stuff. I don’t buy stuff. 
Cassie, female, age 10
I got a t-shirt once that said if you buy it, it would give money to the environment. My mom has a lot of stuff (yeah mom!).
Milo, male, age 8 (but he’ll be 9 in 10 days!)
Katie decided to tape Milo (since he’s just next door). You might detect a little interviewer bias! Click here to see the video.

For still being pretty young, these kids are starting to be very aware.
What I noticed in our horribly non-scientific study was the kids who don’t have as much consumer experience, were less likely to be influenced by brands or have any ideas about shopping decisions. Instead, they tended to focus on the actions they take to help the earth – from using recycled bags to riding their bikes and changing lightbulbs.
My little consumers, on the other hand, had a little more sense of who has been sending them messages and what the messages were about (interesting that two TV channels aimed at kids are getting the word out about being “green”). And Cassie knew buying that shirt would generate a donation.
Josh always blows me away. He’s not a consumer, but he’s a big eater. He’s a great, down-to-earth, brilliant kid and when he told her “the kind that uses mercury” I thought he was nuts. Until I did the research and found out he was right.
And special thanks to Milo, who bravely endured an “in your face” interview and came up with some fantastic answers. His family is amazing and we are truly appreciative of them joining our neighborhood!