When Katie had a fever of 103.5 yesterday, I figured there was no way she was going to be able to create her “Veggie Art” project for the fair today. But at 6:30pm, the fever broke and she started to get a little spunky. So I crossed my fingers and got her to bed at a reasonable time.

Thankfully, this morning she woke up mostly great (you’ll still detect some less-than-perky eyes on her) and she wanted to create a project for the County Fair. It’s kind of a family tradition and she’s placed every year she’s had a submission. So I think a little competitiveness was also at play.

She explained her vision to me and for the first time, I had to do the veggie shopping on my own (we were trying to keep her energy level from tanking – she’s not 100%). I kind of spazzed out about shopping alone because I realized a lot of the creative process comes from actually touching the various materials. And without her, I was a little lost. But I bought some stuff and brought it home.

Two Rabbits? Seriously? If you say so..

That was her vision. Two rabbits eating carrots. And at first it was clear – on her part – that I had not purchased the right materials. But after we got over arguing, she got started. It took her about two hours but the result is pretty darn cool. [PS: the hardest part of the whole thing? Driving to the fairgrounds without taking out the sculpture due to bumpy roads! I get a stomach ache every time!]

I have no idea how it will do in the competition – we’ll know later this week – but are so happy she has an entry and will be part of the event. If you have never created anything with produce – try it! It absolutely changes your relationship with the stuff!

Home School POV
As we worked with the different veggies, some she doesn’t eat, I had her taste them and imagine how we might prepare them. She got mired in the smells and textures and it’s always a great way to expose her to a bunch of new things she might not yet eat.