Home School Orientation: So That’s Where All the Smart Women Went!


Today was kind of the “first day of school” if there is such a thing for home school. We went over to the school for orientation – to figure out how things work, to get our personal “consultant” and to meet new families.

Katie had a mind meld with one of the consultants and I looked around assessing the resources, listening and trying to figure out what to expect. I am a bit of a planner and it helps me to know what’s going on. The kiddo was much more focused on making friends.

Probably the hardest thing for her was seeing her old school right next door and watching the kids play during recess while we had to stay at an arm’s length. I was really proud of her ability not to totally lose it. I get it. I am an extrovert and friends matter a ton to me. I don’t know how I would have handled it seeing my buddies on the slide right next door. 
The Parent Round Table was Eye-Opening!
The kids broke away while the adults came together in a round table Q&A session. And then it  happened. I figured out where all the “women like me” had gone to. They were in home school! I am not sure about everyone but based on first impressions, there were a ton of smart women who actually cared about things like geography, current events, participating in the planet, community and more! It was amazing.

I have struggled to be a mom with the other moms in our community. Many of my peers stay a home while their spouses work and generally, they aren’t terribly engaged with politics, current events, or doing things to help others. They tend to squabble about silly things that frankly don’t matter on twit. So imagine my delight to find such an amazing group of women – interested in teaching their children and sharing that experience with others!
After we were done, the Yard Duty (what a horrible thing to be called when you are doing such an important job!), but the Yard Duty at Katie’s old school gave her permission to go visit with her friends during lunch recess. I think it was actually a really good thing because she got to see them through a different lens. It was just for a moment, but it was a start. 
Time for Compassion
In the afternoon, Katie spent time with her girlfriend, consoling her because her 21 year old cat was finally put down. I was glad Katie was there for her and the upside of home school – it was a school night but not the stressful kind. She was able to stay with her friend into the early evening without me panicking about homework and all the usual rot.

What a gift.


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