If you’re looking for innovative ways to move your teams forward, I have some workshops I think you’ll like.

Using Energy Leadership fundamentals, the workshops blend teaching and activities that map to your business goals. Employees will feel reenergized, more collaborative and identify a path toward personal excellence. At the same time, managers gain insights continue developing their team.

I’ve done these workshops for my companies in the past, and if you know anything about me, you know humor is a big part of the process. I strive to keep folks engaged and hopefully, laughing.

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Here’s a quick overview of my approach to workshops – if they aren’t fun, what’s the point!?!

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What clients are saying

The workshop was fun and unexpected. I’ve done classes like this before, but this one was hilarious and helped me understand why I’m always arguing with my team!

Jen is also funny and has great energy.

As CEO, I was struggling because my sales team because they just didn’t seem to listen. At the workshop, I discovered I was using the worst way possible to communicate with them based on who they were and how they learn.

We are changing communication methods going forward for increased retention and faster change.

Our leadership team had been struggling through weeks of business planning with lots of disagreement and misalignment. Jen came in and observed our process and uncovered the dynamic that was holding us back.

Once we understood why this was happening, it shifted our energy, and everything changed. Our business planning ended up being a huge success.

The best part was when they told us to take our shoes off.

Do you know what happens to people at work when wee are asked to take off our shoes? I don’t want to spoil it for you, but just that exercise proved to be worth it.

We still laugh about it.

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