Thank you for being a guest on the Life Coach Pod!

This is a positive energy, glass half full, live with awareness and intention, effort. That said, it’s not preachy but instead, focuses on what you do, not just what you say. Here’s a quick look at other shows so you can see how they come together. If you don’t know me, I started podcasting doing the Lawyer’s Daughter about my dad and stepmom’s murder. I’m an iPEC coach and marketing pro. I’m also an unbridled extrovert, so this was probably inevitable.
Before the show
  • Book a date:
  • I’ll confirm and we’ll agree on your content – in concept – you don’t have to prepare anything if you don’t want, other than the structure of what you want to share. Send me an email or a link and I’ll get up-to-speed so our discussion is meaningful.
  • If there are things you want to share: links, images, tips, etc, send to me ahead of time if you can. I will use it in the blog wrapper I write to host the video and podcast (I’m woefully behind on this but I will get it done).
  • Confirm the URL you want me to use so folks can learn more and if you are open to email, the email address that’s “public”.
Doing the show
  • It’s just us so don’t worry. The meeting is recording but I edit it so we can test cameras and mics to make sure sound, light, etc. is good.
  • It’s pretty informal. I’m in my bedroom that’s not even MY bedroom, I’m sheltering at my daughter’s house. Be comfortable, make sure your face is lit so we can see you!
  • I have a short opening that essentially sets up your topic. I pull some fun facts, etc.
  • Then, I introduce you the Jen way, but would also like you to introduce yourself and your “credentials” meaning experience.
  • At this point, if you have something you’d like to say in an organized way, you can present and screen share. Otherwise, I’ll interview you.
  • Then, around 40 minutes in, I’ll ask – how can people learn more? That’s your queue to pimp your business! If you want to promote an offer or a book or whatever, this is your opportunity. You can layer it in while we talk too – but use this as your chance to sell it. I’ll have a slide up with your URL.
  • After that, I wrap it up and end the show.
  • The weirdest part is we just end – but know I’m high-fiving you and grateful for your participation. I’ll gush when I send you the stuff below.
After the show
  • I edit, package and post. Time can vary based on the internet speed in this darn house.
  • I’ll send you the blog post with your YouTube and podcast embedded (you can right-click to grab the links). Images should be live so when you share, the image appears.
  • Share with your audience! The power of the show for us, is expanding our network.
Thank you again.