Podcast Notes

March 5, 2020 Podcast Notes | DeAngelo Wants to Plea

This is a summary of my March 5, 2020 podcast, DeAngelo Wants to Plea. You can listen to the podcast…

Golden State Killer

February 2020 Closes with a Few DeAngelo Surprises

Many of us have waited so long for this show to get started. Thanks to DNA, I never worried we’d…

Golden State Killer

What Is DeAngelo’s Defense Thinking? What Will Be Their Strategy?

I feel remarkably better today – the boost of adrenaline I had from yesterday’s hearing (while I sat in my…

Golden State Killer

Happy Hanukkah: The Hearing Coming Up this Week

Katie and I are kind of goofy about Hanukkah. We have a song by Barenaked Ladies that we play when…

Golden State Killer

Top Five Reasons Having the DeAngelo Trial in Sacramento is Pure Gold

When the FBI released the news about the Golden State Killer, the Orlando shooting massacre happened and took over the…

Golden State Killer

The Day of the Arrest: How I Learned DeAngelo Had Been Caught

The week before DeAngelo’s arrest, I had worked a trade show called RSAC. It’s the biggest cybersecurity show in the…

Golden State Killer

News of the Day: DNA, Evidence, and Victim’s Assistance

My new friends in the media warned me about this. They said to be ready for the ups and downs….

Golden State Killer

For 30 Years He Lived Among Us

In Silicon Valley it’s not cool to be old. It should be, but it isn’t. What’s old? 40. 50. For…

Golden State Killer

Venue Decision for Golden State Killer: Where Will We Hold the Trial

The press release below went out on May 11 regarding the on-going discussions among the district attorneys and the right…

Golden State Killer

The Golden State Killer Has Been Caught

The Golden State Killer has been caught. I know we still have miles to go before there’s a conviction, but…