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KissMetrics Offers Great Tips for Creating Your Social Media Profile

The folks at KissMetrics write an excellent blog post on the 10 Elements of a Successful Social Media Profile. They make great points about consistency across profiles and authenticity in posting (like use a photo of yourself  for your personal profiles, not an avatar or object). Creating a successful social media profile for your company is as […]

Three (Social Media) Things You Can Do Right Now to Help Your Brand

If social media scares you – and based on a new study this isn’t a bad assumption – you don’t have to jump in with both feet. In fact, there are three easy ways you can get your feet wet without making a huge commitment. And you can help your brand. This isn’t size specific […]

The Value of Youth as an Emerging Market: Key Requirements for Online Services

We just wrapped a study with a proprietary panel looking at an online tool that would normally be considered a “business product” focusing on the user experience and new features. But we did something a little bit different. We threw our teen panel into the mix. This younger audience really shifted the results.   As […]

It’s Still All About the User Experience: Think Shoes!

When you think about it, nearly everything comes down to the user experience. Which phone you choose, which software packages you end up keeping, which car you drive – hmmm, maybe even which person you chose for your partner!? How well something works for you really matters. If you still don’t believe me, go look […]

Meet Listen2Youth at Tech Titans SD Forum Event

Join us on Wednesday, May 13 in Palo Alto to learn how today’s teens are also today’s entrepreneurs. SD Forum is hosting an event that looks really interesting if you are following the teen market. “Teenagers are in constant contact through multiple means of technologies, including Facebook, Twitter, email, IM, MySpace and cell phones. We […]

Santa Cruz Style: When Does Social Networking Become Social Networking?!

I have a secret. I am one of the luckiest people on earth. Not only do I have a great job as a partner at Listen2Youth, studying young people all over the world as they tell us about how they use technology, but I get to do it while living in Santa Cruz,California. Until now, […]

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby. And Disney. Have I Piqued Your Interest?

Advice: The following blog contains mature content. At the Ypulse Mashup in July, two amazing people joined my table for lunch. I was hosting a discussion on using tech to build a brand and these two folks described their struggle. They actually have the “tech” part figured out. The problem is the brand. Or more […]