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How To For Beginners: Curate Twitter to Help You Stay Woke

ICYMI (in case you missed it), Twitter is the new water cooler: the best place to learn things you might otherwise miss in the chaos that is 2017. So for those of you new to this kind of media, here’s a quick primer to help you get started and curate a twitter feed that you’ll […]

Oh Yeah – You’re Looking at a Retirement Savings Expert Right Here

In the spring of 2012, I joined a rag tag group of people at Financial Engines to kick off their social media efforts. Because it’s heavily regulated – finance and investing – tackling social media was very different from my other clients. Everything we did had to be approved by compliance. Everything – including tweets […]

Turning Infographics into Real Time Dynamic Marketing Tools is a Win for Business

As a content provider – I think I must spend at least thirty percent of my life creating content for clients – I have become pretty good at using content as a digital marketing tool. There are so many ways to tell stories these days and it doesn’t have to be only via prose. In […]

Financial Engines Delivers a Social Security Planner Everyone Can Use

I’ve been working with Financial Engines for a couple years now and one of the bigger projects has been their Social Security Planner. Typically their products are only available to employees whose employer buys the Financial Engines services. But today they launched a product that’s available to anyone at no charge! All you have to […]

Hoover Institution Debuts New Website and It’s Very Cool

It’s been a year since I’ve blogged which is a bad testament to a good year! It’s been busy with lots of great projects that I have neglected to share and so it’s time to catch-up. The first one is a biggie for the Hoover Institution! The Hoover Institution hired WebEnertia to re-do their website. […]

Funkafied Technology Or How the User Experience Dictates Function

I realized the other day, I have no idea where our iPad is. It’s first generation (damned early adopters) and when we got it, we could barely put it down. It was always on the coffee table ready for game playing, email checking or Googling some weird fact or question we had about something we […]

Listen2Youth Brings Silicon Valley Social Media Tips to CALPA

I am a huge fan of California’s state parks. It’s like our parks are part of my DNA. My mom worked at Henry Cowell, I served on our local Friends of the Santa Cruz State Parks board. More importantly, as a resident of Santa Cruz County, I have been spoiled by the accessibility of our […]

Get Technology Off My Back: Teenage POV on the Need for Tech Integration

Tyler Headley is a sophomore attending high school in the Pacific Northwest. He writes for us about tech, the user experience and social media – and his ideas about making changes that match the lifestyle of today’s youth. If you have questions for Ty, please leave a comment below.   When you walk into a […]

New Client: Animoto Helps Us Promote Our Business

We are thrilled to welcome a new client: Animoto! If you haven’t played with Animoto yet, we invite you to give it a try! We did this little capabilites video for Listen2Youth with the Animoto Plus product (which is rather affordable and  my daughter Katie already has her eye on it to make her next […]