The Wheel of Life – How to Live and Plan with Intention

The Wheel of Life is a tool we use in coaching to help us help you make thoughtful decisions about…


Welcome to the Life Coach Pod! The Show!

The Life Coach Pod is a weekday show at 1pm PT. Join us as a live audience member by clicking…


Energy Leadership Index – Why It Can Be A Life-Changing Assessment

Ever wonder why you get stuck sometimes? Do you struggle to find the darn silver lining when things aren’t going…

Team Workshops

Team Building Featuring Improv

Laughter is the best medicine. It relaxes people while elevating their confidence. I have used humor with my teams for…

Sales Workshop

Sales Leadership Workshop

I’ve worked with sales nearly all of my career. I’ve done this workshop with great results and sales folks have…

Case Study

Coaching Case Study: Finances After the Divorce

David was married when he was 25. He and his wife waited a few years and then had two kids….

Creating Change

Top Ten Reasons You Could Use a Life Coach

I know, I know, sometimes even I giggle when I see the term “life coach”. It is kinda funny. And…


Here’s How Therapy Can Help (From a Non-Therapist)

Ever wonder what the heck therapy should do for you? Here’s a summary of what it’s done for me.

Golden State Killer

When Someone Else’s Trauma Triggers Yours

It has been a really tough week. Not so much practically, but emotionally. I realized this morning, in a private…